Zamak, a 100% recyclable zinc alloy.

ID Casting uses zamak, a zinc alloy, which has the advantage of being 100% recyclable and non-polluting, with the guarantee of
low energy consumption. Strong, durable and economical, zamak is a material with many advantages.

Properties & benefits of Zamak

  • Complex shapes and fine details
  • Precision, repeatability
  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Good suitability for anti-corrosion and decorative surface treatments
  • High production rates
  • Mould longevity > 1 million injections
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Good crimping properties
  • Recyclability

A low-pollution material

Zamak consumes 25% less energy than aluminium and has a density 2.5 times greater than aluminium. All the parts manufactured in zamak, as well as the scrap generated by the process, are recyclable, as they are then reused to make new parts.

An ethical cycle that is an integral part of
of the group’s responsible values in the
environmental policy.

and watertightness

Its properties include mechanical resistance to friction and wear, and a high level of watertightness. Easy to work with, this material, which has a melting point of 400 degrees, can be used to design both simple, minimalistic parts and incredibly complex geometries for all sectors – automotive, construction, electronics, medical – and is suitable for surface treatments. Electronic boxes, signal boxes, remote control rings, circuit-breaker parts and loudspeaker housings are just some of the parts that can be made from this alloy. Stainless, it is ideal for high pressure die casting because of its high fluidity, making it ideal for mass production.

The use of zamak also ensures that tooling lasts on average 10 times longer than aluminium parts.

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