ID Casting, foundry through experience.

Discover the know-how of the ID Casting group, specialists in die casting
for the manufacture of technical parts made of zinc and magnesium alloys.






Precision injection-mouldings made of zinc and magnesium alloys

Backed by a long history with a team of 220 employees and cutting-edge expertise in hot-chamber die casting, our core business, the Group is made up of three complementary entities:

AMI fonderie, a foundry in the Paris region established in 1954 and acquired by the Group in 2003,

SIOBRA at Arbois in the Jura, established in 1966 and acquired by the Group in 2008,

ID Components in Ben Arous, Tunisia, established in 2004.

Our customers are in the automotive, construction, electrical, mechanical, gas, electronics, sports and medical industries, and have been relying on us for many years to manufacture their parts to meet the most demanding requirements and solutions.

Calling on ID Casting is the guarantee to have
know-how and interpersonal skills at your side.

A commitment to
quality support

Thanks to its expert and innovative R&D department, ID Casting Group can successfully complete your projects, providing fully personalised support in the fields of casting, machining and assembly, through co-design and/or co-development, in line with your specifications and requirements.

The location and complementary nature of our 3 sites means we can offer technical and logistical services tailored to our customers’ needs. The choice of our zinc and magnesium alloys is in line with ID Casting Group’s environmental policy, with recyclable metals that pollute less, and with our desire to offer technical, resistant, durable and economical parts.