Zinc alloys, 

Zamak 2 (ZP2)

Zamak 3 (ZP3)

Zamak 5 (ZP5)


robotic presses

Injection moulding machines

from 20T to 330T
in Power

Parts ranging from
less than 1 gram to 3kg

A suitable alloy
For die casting

Mainly composed of zinc, copper, aluminium and magnesium, Zamak is particularly well suited to die casting.

Its fluidity makes it possible to produce thin-walled parts with complex shapes. It combines strength, precision and rigidity. ID Casting has a high-performance fleet of machines enabling it to cover the quantitative needs of its customers in the design of parts, with 45 robotised presses for zamak injection. Our zamak injection moulding machines offer a clamping force of 20 to 330 tonnes, enabling the manufacture of parts weighing from less than 1 gram to 3 kg.