ID Casting, foundry our core business.

Historical roots:
the synergy of a group

Established in 2001, the ID Casting group, an industrial subcontracting company based in Arbois in the Jura region of France, boasts precision expertise in the manufacture of parts in zinc alloy, known as Zamak, and magnesium, two materials that offer advantages in terms of recyclability and strength.

Each alloy has its own physical and mechanical properties, essential factors in determining the longevity and overall functionality of the finished product.

Our core business? Foundry.
A leader in the French and European market, ID Casting Group was created in 2001 and today comprises 3 companies with renowned expertise:

AMI fonderie in the Paris region, established in 1952, SIOBRA in Arbois, established in 1966, and ID Components in Tunisia, in 2004.

Historically, ID Casting is the result of an alliance between AMI Fonderie and Delle Fonderie Industrielle (DFI, formerly TECLA) to provide visibility and continuity in the zinc alloy die casting market. With its three production sites and motivated, highly qualified teams, ID Casting has over 200 years’ experience in hot-chamber pressure injection moulding.

Our group has nearly 300 customers worldwide and processes 3,000 tonnes of alloy a year. ID Casting manufactures bespoke parts in a wide range of sectors. Diversity is our strength and simplicity lies in our values!

Calling on ID Casting is the guarantee to have
know-how and interpersonal skills at your side.

Our values:
responsiveness and technical expertise

ID Casting is a group on a human scale, with many years’ experience that combines know-how and technical expertise, thanks to an extensive, competent and expert R&D department at the service of our customers to meet the requirements of each field as closely as possible. We listen carefully to our customers in order to meet their needs and precisely define the functions and uses of their castings.

Thanks to daily inspection of all our processes, and investment in our production tools, we can guarantee the quality you expect and need. Our strengths? Responsiveness, innovation, technical expertise.