Die Casting precision parts in Zinc & Magnesium alloys

Foundry leading on the French market and among the European TOP 5. With 200 years of cumulated experiences, the ID Casting Group is preparing for the future by cultivating its values.

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ID Casting in few words

ID Casting group is specialized in zinc (zamak) and magnesium alloys die casting  using the hot chamber process.

With more than 200 years of cumulated experiences in zinc alloys die casting, also called zamak (zamac),  and more recently for Magnesium Alloys hot chamber die casting (AM60). ID Casting lent his know how at the service of his customersto offer them quality services.

The complementarity of the differents plants : AMI Fonderie, SIOBRA, DFI (Delle Fonderie Industrielle) et ID Zamak Components, makes it possible to offer material services : high quality tooling (foundry, trimming, machining,…) which is produced either in-house or by partners and intangible services through our design and method offices (co-development, systematic FMEA, seeking to lighten each new part (using a lightening target of around 15%), …

Magnesium alloys : 33% lighter than aluminium, and 75% lighter than steel, magnesium is the lighest structural material. Despite the lower density, magnesium alloys have a comparable strength to weight ratio to aluminum. Magnesium alloys offer many advantages in foundry die casting : mechanical resistance , high vibration damping capacity, electromagnetic interference reduction, full recyclability…

Zinc alloys (zamak) : zamak is a competitive solution, robust and durable, with many advantages in foundry die-casting: water fluidity, excellent mechanical properties, real corrosion resistance (thanks to surface treatments), a proven aptitude for decoration, dimensional accuracy, thin walls, full recyclability, …

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